ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! ST25TV UID

Hi,Is it possible to understand the TAG variant from the UID during the inventory ?For example, ST25TV16K has the UID as shown below: For ST25TV02K, the UID is as shown below:If you see the above snapshots, ST product code is 48h for ST25TV16K and 23...

Luke_abc_1-1709118496410.png Luke_abc_2-1709119996626.png
Luke_abc by Associate III
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Resolved! Command code not present

Hi,Why does this enum (in rfal_nfcv.h) do not contain the command code for some commands (eg:- Write AFI, Lock AFI etc )? I also do not see an api to do this -  If I need to write to AFI, Am I supposed to use directly api rfalNfcvPollerTransceiveReq(...

Luke_abc by Associate III
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Resolved! read maximum data from st25tv16k

Hi,Reader IC - ST25R3916RFAL version - 2.8.0Serial interface - I2CI am trying to read the entire memory (2KB) from ST25tv16k using the api  err = rfalNfcvPollerExtendedReadMultipleBlocks(flags, NULL, bloc...

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andy_long by Associate III
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Resolved! kill command does not work

Hi, It looks like the kill command is not working for ST25TV16K. I am getting an error command as shown below:The register values are given below:  

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Luke_abc by Associate III
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Resolved! ST25TV

Hi,I want to know if there is a provision to lock an entire area in ST25TV tags. I can see from the datasheet that blocks 0 and 1 can be locked, but I cannot see anything for other blocks. I know that I can use a password to do same but I do not want...

Luke_abc by Associate III
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Resolved! How to use TruST25 without being approved for AN5580?

Hey,I recently bought ST25-TAG-BAG-UI1 and hoped I could experiment with it for a specific application but I soon realized there is no documentation available publicly. I've applied for access to AN5580 but my application got rejected (I guess becaus...

taday by Associate
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Resolved! How to change Read Out Protection on ST25 Tags

Good afternoon, currently I was working on this board, ST25R3916-DISCO kit.From what I read from the forum that most of contents are teaching how to change the Read-Out Protection for the microcontroller chip, such as STM32H7, STM32F2, etc.However, w...

MaoFeng by Associate II
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Resolved! Problem rw on ST25TV02KC ISO15693

I'm using a DLP-RID2 device to write and read data in a ISO 15693 TAG, in particular i'm using tags based on the ST25TV02KC which have 320 bytes of information arranged in 80 blocks of 4 bytes each.My problem is that with a new factory TAG, i can't r...

FBena.1 by Associate II
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