ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! SPI Communication with S32K116 host MCU

Hello everyone,I am trying to communicate with ST25R3920 using S32K116 host MCU. I managed to read some data but they seem meaningless according the datasheet. For example: I was trying to read IC identity register(3Fh) to test that if I am able to c...

Resolved! CR95HF Linux kernel driver

Hi,I am working on linux kernel v4.19 to bring up the cr95hf via SPI, there is a existing driver called st95hf, I enabled it, and it can be probed. can get ECHO back. when I used nfc neard to test the driver, it always gives errors like below:[ 501.0...

GLi.6 by Associate II
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Resolved! SPI interface for STM32L476VG

STM32L476VG is the MCU we are interfacing with ST25R3911B using SPI.what we have understood from some search is that we need RFAL (abstraction layer) to interface with RF HAL.Then once we integrate RFAL and RF HAL in our system workbench(ac6) project...

RShiv.1 by Senior
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