ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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ST25R3916B - Resistive Divider RF input

Hi, is it possible to use the ST25R3916B with an resisitve divider (instead of the capacitive divider) at the RF Inputs to limit the input voltage to a safe value.In case this is possible, is an additional DC-Block needed?I am driving a purely resist...

Moritz_ by Visitor
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Resolved! ST25 SDK for .NET

Is there a .NET SDK for ST25 NFC tags that will let me read and write ISO 15693 Type 5 tags in C#? I have the ST25R3911B-DISCO reader/writer board.The closest I've found so far is a COMMS dll which appears to be taken from the demo app and will not l...

TimLong by Associate II
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Resolved! ST25R3911B-DISCO using ST25SDK

Hi, I am trying to develop a mobile java application using the ST25R3911B-DISCO and saw that ST offered the ST25SDK to help. When looking deeper into the SDK, I saw that there are some reference implementations using the ST25R3911-DISCO but one of th...

itsgimbi by Associate II
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NFC readers (with RED cert) and NFC cards

Hi everyone,I'm new to the NFC field so please bear with me for these beginner questions.We have an IoT device and its main board is the ESP32 board.Previously we connected to a PN532 breakout board to encrypt/write and read from Mifare DESFire EV1 c...

lamle by Associate
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