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Resolved! CR95HF Antenna Design issues.

Hello All,I have some CR95HF Antenna Design Queries1) what is actual difference between in performance of 424nH antenna and 1120nH antenna used in  M24L-DISCOVERY kit and NUCLEO-NFC03A1 respectively?2) In CR95HF-A demo Board Antenna impedance design ...

achou.10 by Associate
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Resolved! Auto Antenna tuning in poling

I evaluate ST25R3916 by using ST25R3916-DISCO kit and STSW-ST25R010.In Antenna features tab, I confirmed AAT_A and AAT_B values changed for tuning when a piece of metal is approached to the  antenna​, but in poling tab, these value did not change whe...

Mtaka.8 by Associate
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Resolved! CR95HF Antenna Design Query

Posted on April 03, 2018 at 12:29Hello,I am working with CR95HF IC. I have some questions regarding it.1. How much read range can be achieved with how much Henry of antenna inductance. Can any one Please suggest.?2. Is it required that Antenna induc...

Resolved! How to Read the TID memory from an RFID tag

Has anyone implemented their own firm ware. I can so far successfully retrieve the EPC number from a tag, however I'm struggling to get a valid RN16 and CRC combination when using the REQ_RN command. I would like to do this to be able to access the T...

CShac by Associate III
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Resolved! How to use the Req_RN direct command (9Fh)

I have successfully read an epc tag, my next step is to issue the the Req_RN command. I hav set the RX lenthg register ready to receive 4 bytes of data and issue the Req_RN command. OIn the occasion that I do receive the expected 4 bytes of data the...

CShac by Associate III
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