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how to use reserved-memory in linux on stm32mp157

hi experts i am not sure this is a right place to use  and  not good at English     please be generousi am not good at linux , i read a wiki "STM32MP15 RAM mapping" and googled some informationi use kernel and u-boot from developerPackagei have no pl...

ROAD by Associate II
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Resolved! Support for Murata 2BC CYW4373 chipset

I would like to use the Murata Wi-Fi/BT combo module 2BC on STM32MP1.Is it possible?If it is possible, I would like to know how to integrate 2BC on STM32MP1. I understand following.- Murata 1DX are mounted on STM32MP1 evaluation board.- Murata has th...

Resolved! eMMC flashing with GPT partition table

Hi ST Community,I am trying to flash a eMMC with STM32CubeProgrammer, in a STM32MP157F custom board. I am using a GPT partition file and a img.I can see the system is creating partitions and flashing, but the structure is wrong for eMMC, so it does n...

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Flyback by Associate II
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STM32MP1 Switch to Production Boot

I have a board where a secondary CPU can select the STM32MP1's boot mode.  On initial boot, the MP1 boots from NOR flash.  I can then send a command to the secondary CPU which switches the MP1's BOOTx pins to enable engineering boot and resets the MP...

DPade.1 by Associate II
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Hi,What am I doing wrong that USART1 returns -2 during the probekernel.dts -> PINS   usart1_pins_mx: usart1_mx-0 { pins1 { pinmux = <STM32_PINMUX('A', 9, AF7)>, /* USART1_TX */ <STM32_PINMUX('A', 12, AF7)>; /* USART1_RTS */ bias-disable...