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Resolved! STM32MP157 DK2 M4 debug issue

Dears,I'm using STM32MP157C-DK2 board in production mode.Now I'm debugging the firmware in M4 core. However, when I insert a breakpoint at DMA interrupt handler and wait for a while, it will crash the whole system (A7+M4) and lead to the reset.I also...

What does "RCC_HSE_BYPASS_DIG" mean?

Hi, I see STM32MP1 - M4 use "RCC_HSE_BYPASS_DIG", what does this mean? And from stm32mpcube, does anyone know the calculation below to get 209MHz?  RCC_OscInitStruct.PLL.PLLState = RCC_PLL_ON;RCC_OscInitStruct.PLL.PLLSource = RCC_PLL12SOURCE_HSE;RCC_...

Dat Tran by Senior II
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Resolved! Graph is ploting slow in STM32MP1.

Processor Name: STM32MP157 Arm®-based dual Cortex®-A7 32 bits + Cortex®-M4 32 bits MPU Kernal Version: 5.10.10linux destro : openst linuxCrankstorybaord Version : 7.1OpenGLL Version : 2.0Screen Size : 1024 X 768I am developing medical GUI application...

NPal.2 by Senior
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Resolved! STM32MP15 USB driver not loading

I'm attempting to upgrade from ecosystem v2 to v4 and I've run into an issue where the USB OTG port no longer enumerates at boot time. Specifically, I no longer see any messages in dmesg regarding the dwc device, nor do I see anything in /sys/class/u...

MWalk.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP157D-dk1 usb to serial adapter

Hi,For the past two days I have been trying to get a usb to serial adapter to work on this board, using both the starter package or buildroot. Whatever I do, it only shows up as new full-speed USB device number XX using ehci-platform. Is there someth...

Resolved! Kernel stops loading in middle of boot-up

Hi there,I have a custom board (with eMMC) that freezes in the middle of kernel loading:I am under the impression it is related with the rootfs.ext4, becuase it does not try the loading, but I am not sure yet.Flash table is the following (I don´t use...

Flyback_0-1698682455025.png Flyback_1-1698682634773.png
Flyback by Associate II
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Resolved! how to access external devices in STM32MP157

hi expertsfor me   this is the first time  to use  STM32MP1 family before i used powerpc-family CPU.with powerpc   when i  attached  external  ICs,   in 8 bit    CPU-A0 to external IC- A0in 16bit   CPU-A1 to external IC-A0 with byte enable signalsis ...

ROAD by Associate II
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BUG: Setting SIGN_KEY_stm32mp15 leads to error

Setting SIGN_KEY_stm32mp15 leads to an error As described here: Set and adapt these variables:  echo 'SIGN_KEY = "key/stm32mp15/privateKey.pem" ' >> conf/local.con...

HLee.21 by Associate III
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STM32MP157F-DK2 TF-A2 mbedtls > 2.28.2

I wanted to file this on your github page but the issues tab is not available.When using your latest version of TF-A (  self-signing (TRUSTED_BOARD_BOOT=1 ROT_K...

gulsrb by Associate
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Booting stm32mp15 series board using UART interface

Hi All, I am working on board bring-up of custom board based on STM32MP157f-DK2. I am using the Starter Package provided by ST. I am able to flash SD card and boot the DK board, via USB interface, but I am facing some issue when I flash via UART inte...

prik_29 by Associate
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