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How to solve debugger connection issues

How to solve debugger connection issues? 1. Introduction The debugger is a tool that permit the programmer to monitor and track its code. It is very useful to execute the code step by step and see how it responds, it also helps to indicate the sour...

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Configuring DSP libraries on STM32CubeIDE

How to integrate DSP Libraries on STM32 project? An example using STM32F429This FAQ concerns the DSP Libraries, how to integrate them in an STM32CubeIDE project and to execute an example based on the Digital Signal Processing.   After finishing this...

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How to configure the GPDMA

How to configure the GPDMA?1. GPDMA module setup The new DMA module (which includes the GPDMA and the LPDMA) available in series such as the STM32U5 are slightly different than the regular DMA. In this article, we’ll discuss the setup for using GPDM...

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How to add external libraries in STM32CubeIDE

Adding external libraries in STM32CubeIDE Summary This article shows how to integrate a library, in the form of an achieve file (*.a) in your project, so you can use the functions of the library with a simple header file.  Introduction A library can...

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MCU1 to MCU2 migration option within STM32CubeIDE

How to use STM32CubeIDE to migrate a project from MCU1 to MCU2?In this FAQ, the question how to use STM32CubeIDE to migrate from MCU1 to MCU2 will be answered.   Note:   Currently STM32CubeIDE doesn't support the feature to import a project fro...

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How to use semihosting with STM32CubeIDE and STM32

How can semihosting be used when debugging STM32 devices with STM32CubeIDE?An example using semihosting with Nucleo-STM32F401 board and OpenOCD. Summary Semihosting can be used to enable code running on STM32 to communicate with the host computer ...

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How to use FileX with eMMC for file system management

Summary This article guides you on how to use FileX, a fully compliant FAT library for media storage and file system management with eMMC. In this example, the selected hardware is an STM32U5A9-DK board featuring anintegrated eMMC card readily avail...

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