ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! Possible bug in ST25NFC_Embedded_Lib_ST25R3911B_1.5.0

We use ST25NFC_Embedded_Lib_ST25R3911B_1.5.0 for our current project.There are some example inside.In all example in stm32l4xx_hal_msp.c are the following code:/* Configure all GPIO port pins in Analog Input mode (floating input trigger OFF) except d...

CanRF by Associate
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Resolved! Relation between NFC antenna size and reading range

Hi @Brian TIDAL  @Rene Lenerve  @JL. Lebon Can you please help me understand how antenna size in st25dv64kc tag effect the reading range and another question is like in iso15693 tag reading range is 60cm but practically working with tag my experience...

PoolBear by Associate III
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Resolved! NFC03A1 unable to read/write mifare classic tags

 we are attempting to read wristband mifare classic tag using NFC03A1NFC03A1 is able to detect the tag UID.when we execute ndefPollerReadBytes().. directly, we get ret = 04 (ERR_TIMEOUT)need some sample code to read this tag...from your forum i under...

venukrish by Associate III
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Resolved! ST25R3916B

Hi,I have question for ST25R3916BI am only using the ST25R3916B chip on its own. I have successfully set up SPI communication for reading and writing. Now, I need to understand how I can read from ST25TV02K data.

JeffFu by Associate II
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Resolved! NFC. memory M24LR 64 ER

I would like to know if the M24LR 64 ER memory using NFC already has support for IOsxx. I am trying to read and write data to this memory but without success, I receive errors 100 and 103.

Resolved! the write speed is too slow when writing date into Half-duplex 256 bytes dedicated buffer

hello sir       I am using the fast transmission mode of the nfc chip ST25DV04KC to transmit picture data. The NFC chip is used with the MCU of  STM32G071G8U6. When I write the 25KB picture data through the mobile APP into the NFC cache, I find that ...

ivantan by Associate
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