ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! ST25R3916 radiated emission issue

Hi, The FCC test report can be found here: are running X-NUCLEO-NFC06A1 stack on top of NUCLEO-L476RG board with STM X-CUBE-NFC6 demo software, and the emission scan (at Intertek) is ...

gte938x by Associate II
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Resolved! ST25TV UID

Hi,Is it possible to understand the TAG variant from the UID during the inventory ?For example, ST25TV16K has the UID as shown below: For ST25TV02K, the UID is as shown below:If you see the above snapshots, ST product code is 48h for ST25TV16K and 23...

Luke_abc_1-1709118496410.png Luke_abc_2-1709119996626.png
Luke_abc by Associate III
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Resolved! Command code not present

Hi,Why does this enum (in rfal_nfcv.h) do not contain the command code for some commands (eg:- Write AFI, Lock AFI etc )? I also do not see an api to do this -  If I need to write to AFI, Am I supposed to use directly api rfalNfcvPollerTransceiveReq(...

Luke_abc by Associate III
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Resolved! ST25R Antenna Matching tool with specific antenna

Hey, i am developing a RFID reader for ISO-14443-4 card with st25r3917b. The firmware is done and works with my custom MCU board connected with external RF board of STEVAL-25R3916B. However , if I switching the testboard and connect with my custom RF...

LCHAN.41 by Associate II
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Resolved! X-NUCLEO-NFC08A1 tag not detecting in i2c

Hello,I am using X-NUCLEO-NFC08A1(ST25R3916B) with Dialog DA14706 MCU , ported the X-CUBE-NFC6 library and first tested for SPI , and it has worked fine(getting Tag UID) . Then i have done some modifications in hardware (Pull-up resistors 1.6K , Made...

BS by Associate II
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Resolved! ST25R95 Jumps out of IDLE without tag

Using my Arduino UNO and X-NUCLEO-NFC03A1 with the ST25R95 I am having issues trying to stay in IDLE.For DacDataL and DacDataH, I have tried both the recommended 0x64 and 0x74 for the demo board and the 0x90 and 0xA0 that came from Tag Detection Cali...

PDIhawk by Associate III
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Resolved! ST25R95 init process

Hi,In AN3433, Appendix B says "The Tag detection calibration process must be performed when the application is initialized".However in case that I don't use tag detector mode, I don't have to process the Tag detection calibration, do it?I want ST25R9...

Nkama by Associate II
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Resolved! ST25R95 Tag Detect Calibration Problems

I am using the X-NUCLEO-NFC03A1 board with the ST25R95 and an Arduino UNO as the development hardware.  I am not using libraries but I can currently read personal data from an ISO14443-A tag.I believe I am on the final leg of my ST25R95 code and tryi...

Screenshot 2024-02-21 134247.png
PDIhawk by Associate III
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