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ADC in continuous mode only reading once

I am trying to read data using ADC1 continuously and copy it into a buffer via DMA.However, the data is only read and copied once (seemingly correctly), and afterwards nothing happens anymore (data in buffer does not change, ADC1_IRQHandler() is not ...

RPape.1 by Associate II
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stm32mp1 i2s1 mclk bitrate issue

Hi in one of link i2s1 used for mclk generation, and will the parent clock able to generate mclk for different audio different bitrate,because in dk2 we use i2s2 for mclk generat...

RRaj.3 by Associate
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Resolved! Device Tree Files

Do we need to compile CUBEMX dts files before bitbake or we need to convert them into the dtb files with eclipse like in this ST video and what is the best way to go from discovery board to custom board in the means of creating device tree files for...

Gencay by Associate III
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Resolved! How to make USB_FS work ???

hi, i'm trying to make USB_FS work on my custom board. my desired configuration is peripheral (otg can be ok, i have jumper on id: PA_10)i already have 2 USB HS so i can use only USB_FS mapped on PA_11 and PA_12 as OTG. i follow the st wiki at the po...

MBell.5 by Associate III
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