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DRM/KMS framebuffer emulation - How to set format

Using the KMS/DRM driver, how can I change the emulated framebuffer format? I'm using simple-panel and the framebuffer has always only 16-bit color even though the driver explicit sets the format for 24-bit colors (.bus_format = MEDIA_BUS_FMT_RGB888_...

jhi by Senior
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ALSA is interfering the DCMI camera

When using DCMI camera capture and at the same time play or record audio, there is bad interference in the camera picture. I'm using Linux and ALSA libraries in a platform based on STM32MP157C. Maybe some DMA problem ? The audio is using SAI as with ...

Ronte.1 by Associate II
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how to control pmic regulators form user space.

hi,i would like to be able to control the pmic from user space. everything that i have read in the stm documentation indicates that it is not possible to do this. the sysfs interface is read only. i would like to be able to access the consumer dri...

vbuon.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Is VBAT needed for secure boot ?

Hello,In the wiki I have found these lines:5.3 Non-volatile counters↑Each certificate embeds a non-volatile counter value that is checked to control anti-rollback mechanism.There are two non-volatile counters: - Trusted non-volatile counter - Non tru...

Resolved! U-Boot Developer Build Not Finding

Building per the Developer Package Device Tree Building WikiUsing STM32MP1-Ecosystem_v4.0.0Verified libssl-dev and libncurses have been installedopenssl version 3.0.0 is presentconfirmed is present at usr/lib/x86_64_linux-gnu[fiptool] Cr...

JKell.6 by Associate III
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