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How to use github example code with STM32MP157D-DK1

The STM32MP1 example code on github targets the STM32MP157C on the STM32MP157C-DK2 and STM32MP157C-EV1 eval boards, however both of those boards are obsolete. I am using the STM23MP157D-DK1 eval board.How do I port the example code so that it target...

Resolved! OP-TEE RNG Oddity

Hello,Sorry for a long post this needs some context.I've been configuring and testing OP-TEE from the following guide:'m using the STMicro fork of optee_os (tag 3.16.0-stm32mp-r2), and the OP-...

Macdog by Associate III
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How to use boot pin as gpio

Hi, I use boot1 pin as gpio key function. The boot1 is PI5, and I configure it in kernel dts code. When the system boot up, the input event0 device is shows, but I use hexdump can not get any key code data. Currently, my board is boot from sdcard. gp...

SChen.19 by Associate II
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STM32MP151. Display controller questions.

1. Can the display interface be driven by the M4 core while the A7 core is powered down?1a. Can the AXI interconnect peripherals be driven by the M4 while the A7 cores are powered down?2. Display controller - is there any loss in performance if using...

BReib.1 by Associate
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Resolved! TF-A boot fails for FSBL [Solved]

Hi all,I updated my project from Morty (2.2) to Kirkstone (4.1). After doing the required fixes/updates on the recipes, I have problems booting the FSBL. I am using the Cube Programmer to flash the image. Below is the log:STM32CubeProgrammer API v2.1...

vfranchi by Associate III
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UART4 Pins H13 and H14 not working as expected.

I am trying to use the UART4 TX: H13 and RX: H14 pins for the tty console access.The TX from the MPU works fine as I can see the kernel boot logs, but cannot access the kernel command line. No prompt shows up on hitting ENTER.Here are my stm32mp15-pi...

SRaic.1 by Associate II
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