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STM32MP1 - Bare metal on A7

Hi,I have a current project using the M7 that I need to port over to the A7. The goal is to be running bare-metal code on the A7, like we are on the M7. Currently, I am following this open source guide to run bare-metal on the A7 and it seems to work...

mkurtz by Associate II
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Resolved! Whether the size of FSBL is limited to one block of NAND, and shell we tailor the FSBL(tf-a) within 128KB to fit MT29F4G08,which block size is 128KB?

Hello, we are using a NAND Flash MT29F4G08 as boot device, which block size is 128KB. We program the 245KB size of FSBL(tf-a.stm32) to it with cubeProgrammer successfully, it does not boot up. When we replace the NAND Flash with MT29F8G08 as boot dev...

SunnyGeGe by Associate III
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ST32MP157C-DK2 low power operation

I've been trying to reduce power consumption of the STM32MP157C-DK2 board and have a very low power linux platform. But the power consumption seems somewhat agnostic of power rails and clock rates. For example, I removed the LCD, I boot to u-boot, th...

nlbutts by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP157AAC nand flash

I added nand flash to stm32mp157aac, but the nand startup mode is always DFU mode, may I ask what configuration is needed?Nand boot has been selected on the hardware

Yli.8 by Associate II
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UART Bootloader write command ignores data

Hi. I am using the Uart Bootloader from the ROM.I want to write my Programm to the Sysram at 0x2FFC3000. I don't know why, but the Software ignores my commands.It accepts the write Command, it accepts the adress. But when i write the Address it twic...

DRest by Associate II
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Verify Voltage Level on FMC

I've spent some time looking over the STM32MP15x hardware manual but cannot confirm that the FMC levels (in SRAM mode) are 1.8v. Can this be confirmed or corrected please?

SLetter by Associate III
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Resolved! Using ST Yocto SDK with Docker for Windows

Hi,I've been trying to setup a cross compile environment using Docker for Windows, and I've run into a bit of trouble. I've setup the dockerfile so that during the build process of the image, I copy the SDK into the image and execute the .sh script.T...

TOlli by Senior
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Moving LTDC pins on DK2 board?

Just wondering if I can edit the pinctrl.dsi file to change the pins to the Raspberry Pi header, rather than the HDMI encoder, so I can try DPI Raspberry Pi displays. In CubeMX the LTDC and most of the peripherals are locked, just wondering if it is ...

AJaro.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! data exchange OpenAMP_TTY_echo

Hello,I am reimplementing the example application OpenAMP_TTY_echo in STM32MP157C-DK2.I want to exchange numerical data between M4 and dual A7. How can I do it ? which structure, channel or interface ?thanks in advance

IYetk by Associate III
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