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STM32MP151aac custom board kernel not starting

I'm trying to get to know stm32mp1 while making a board for this thing.While using the default image provided by manufacturer seems to work. The kernel used is old compared to the current ST BSP and support from them isn't exactly great so I'm trying...

Resolved! USB HID doesn't work without hub

Hi, when I inserted keyboard/mouse to USB host port, nothing happened (log console) and this even cause usb host stop working then.But when I inserted keyboard/mouse to a hub and connect this hub to usb host port, everything working fine.The problem ...

U-Boot Splash Screen

Hi,Appreciate any help on how to enable u-boot splash screen during boot. I am using STM32MP157F-DK2.Thank you.   

MFR by Associate II
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Bring up the STM32MP135x - Share Training Course (I)

Take MYIR’s MYD-YF13X and the STM32MP135F-DK as examples to share training course on how to use STM32CubeMX combined with the developer package to implement the booting of the minimal system. Development...

stcourse001.jpg stcourse02.png stcourse03.png stcourse04.png

STM32MP157 DK2 M4 debug issue

Dears,I'm using STM32MP157C-DK2 board in production mode.Now I'm debugging the firmware in M4 core. However, when I insert a breakpoint at DMA interrupt handler and wait for a while, it will crash the whole system (A7+M4) and lead to the reset.I also...

Resolved! STM32MP15 ECO 5.0.0 OPTEE Panic set_clock_then_voltage

On STM32MP1 discrete power.  512MB DDR , TF-A & OPTEE configure in SYSRAME/TC:0 0 Panic at core/arch/arm/plat-stm32mp1/cpu_opp.c:106 <set_clock_then_voltage>Log attached.This message seems to unique for stm32mp1 in OP-TEE  code. no other platform sou...

debugging_0-1694760334568.png debugging_0-1694770056411.png debugging_0-1694776876106.png