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STM32MP157 VREFBUF enable fails

We are using STM32MP157F in our board, running OSD32MP1 Debian SDK v3.0 (Linux Kernel v5.10-stm32mp).In our board VDDA pin is connected to LDO5 at 3.3VVREF+ and VREF- pins are connected to VSSA.We cannot supply external VREF for ADC due to hardware l...

farid by Associate II
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How to use STM32MP157AAD3T internal clock

Dear STM:       We would like to ask some quesions about how the internal clock of STM32MP157 series chips is used, in the handware instruction manual,only the use of external  clock is introduce,How dose STM32MP157 use the internal clock? 

lingwang by Associate II
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USB Gadget does not recognize disconnect

Hello,I'm kind of stuck with my STM32MP157C custom board. In general, everything works fine except for the USB. I'm using the new Ecosystem 5 and using the USB OTG with the NCM Ethernet gadget. My USB has no ID pin wired and is in peripheral mode all...

JSala.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP1 - OTG does not switch to host for data mode

Hey there,I am trying to troubleshoot the following issue for quite some time now. I am working on an stm32mp157f based board attempting to enable a combination of stusb16xx and USB OTG . The behavior I am expecting to see is that when a usb device i...

KChar.1 by Senior
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Resolved! Disable JTAG

Good morning,I would like to know if I can disable the JTAG in the STM32MP1. Once my project is finished I do not want this interface to be active. Is there a way to disable the JTAG/SWD interface with registers/fuses/OTP?Kind regards,Andrés

AGamb.4 by Associate III
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USART is really working in stmp157 ?

Hi All,i am using stmp157 customize board, with linux yocto build system, and using USART1 configure as a hardware flow control RS 232, and RTO interrupt. and what i found is that CTSIF is not toggling and the proper status are not getting update on ...

Vipul by Associate II
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Resolved! stm32mp135 yocto build process

 i have download prebuild image en.flash-stm32mp1-openstlinux-6-1-yocto-mickledore-mp1-v23-06-21.tar.gzit working fine on my stm32mp135f-dk EVK. i want to add docker in it so need the build process of yocto image.Kindly guide me how to do it.