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STM32MP1 - Bare metal on A7

Hi,I have a current project using the M7 that I need to port over to the A7. The goal is to be running bare-metal code on the A7, like we are on the M7. Currently, I am following this open source guide to run bare-metal on the A7 and it seems to work...

mkurtz by Associate
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Resolved! How to customize openstlinux boot screen (psplash)

I am evaluate the STM32MP157C-DV2 board.I have disabled the weston service by referring to the link below.​When boot with the weston service disabledThe ...

0693W000008xDuvQAE.png 0693W000008xDv5QAE.png

STM32MP157D-EV1 보드를 구입 하였습니다. ST-Link 를 연결하면 타겟보드가 연결�?� 안�?�다고 합니다.

�?러메시지 입니다.​Can not connect to target!Please select "Connect Under Reset" mode from Target->Settings menu and try again.If you're trying to connect to a low frequency application , please select a lower SWD Frequency mode from Target->Settings menu.​...

HJoo by Associate
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DDR3 33 ohm serial resistor in point-to-point topology

Hi,AN5122 in paragraph 3.2 recommends to use 33 ohm serial resistor for every A/C of the DDR chip, but the in STM32MP15XXAA_1DDR3Lx16 example there are NO serial resistor. Can I use this layout...

CLanc.1 by Associate
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Low Power Application Question

Hello everyone!I had an application that was originally designed to run on a STM32WB55 but found it didn't have the resources we needed for it. The STM32MP1 seems like it has the potential to be a good fit for us as we could do the sensor processing ...

JayDev by Senior II
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Resolved! USB Composite not working in STM32MP151C.

I tried to probe g_multi to make sure that USB Composite was available.modprobe g_multi file=/dev/mmcblk0The log of the probe is as follows[ 501.458553] using random self ethernet address [ 501.461560] using random host ethernet address [ 501.4806...

rmaki.1 by Associate II
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How to setup new M4 project on STM32MP157c-DK2?

I have found many tutorials for how to import the example projects into stmcubeide but have not seen much information on how to set up a new M4 project? I have been able to import the OpenAMP_TTY_echo example into stm32cubeide and debug fine but I am...

BSunw.1 by Associate III
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How to control GPIO using DT in Application?

I want to control defined GPIO in DT in Applicatoin code. But I can't control this, please let me know how to control gpio with DT in applicatoin. ​1) I can control GPIO in Application without DT . (unused at gpioinfo)2) I can't control GPIO in ap...

BKwak.1 by Associate
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