ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! ST25R95 maximum voltage of VRX1/2?

Hello,Just a clarification question. When going through the application note (AN5248) for ST25R95. It mentiosn at one point there is a maximum allowed voltage on RX1 and RX2 which should be below 7V.Where in the datasheet is this specified? Thank you...

tyassin by Associate III
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Resolved! NFC card reader for ST25DV16KC tag

Hi,I'm working with the ST25DV16KC-IE6T3 tag (ISO15693 type 5) and I want to both read and write data to it.I'm looking for a compatible NFC card reader that can connect to the computer via USB port (either desktop PC or laptop.)The use case would be...

KKulk.1 by Associate
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Resolved! ST25DV password protection

I activated the area1 password protection with password 1. I saw that the default password is "0". Is there a way to change the password 1 over the I2C or is it only possible to change it from NFC side?I saw that all RF_PWD witch can be configurated ...

SimoE by Associate II
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Resolved! ST25DV GPO Interrupt

I'm trying the ST25DV, ( open drain connection with pullup resistor of 20k ) but I can't get the interrupt to work through the GPO pinThe product code read is 0x51I wrote the register with GPO_EN = 1 and RF_ACTIVITY_EN = 1, RF_WRITE_EN =1, FIELD_CHAN...

Diego72x by Associate II
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Unable to Download Software

I'm trying to download a software, but a message appears "This software is not available for download". But when I sign out and try to download as a guest I receive a link in my inbox and the download starts. how can I solve this issue to download di...

Resolved! NFC Tap Source Code

Hello,i downloaded the source code of the iOS App (STSW-ST25IOS001), but i get tons of error, it's not compilable.Has anyone tried? I wanted to use it as reference for developing.I already made an app with Android and it's working, with far less trou...