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How to install your Root Certificate in StellarStudio JRE

When installing some StellarStudio  plugins http://*.srxstudio.org , you can meet the issue : sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed  It is typical IT Issue :face_screaming_in_fear:  in each corporate company. “"Path bui...

StellarStudio SR5E1 support is open to the mass market !

Dear all,   We are thrilled to announce that as of today, March 1st, 2024, SR5E1 device support in StellarStudio is available to the mass market !   This means that any user can effortlessly download the official StellarStudio installation packag...


Resolved! Timers and Interrupts

i m working with SPC584xxx series MCU and trying to work with timers interrupts.using 1ms timer for calculating times for operations and using 10ms timer for work.but when 10ms timer work, 1ms timer is waiting and not triggering until 10ms timers wor...

yakdagg by Associate II
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Resolved! RTC in low power modes

HiI had a question about RTC in SPC560bxx.When you read the RTC documentation carefully, you will notice that it is actually a 32-bit counter that also operates in low-power modes and issues interrupts.This module is just a counter and there is no re...

Resolved! Reset code SPC5

Hi,i can't find the reboot code the spc5 core.I mean the equivalent code for SPC5 of STM32 HAL_NVIC_SystemReset();Thank you

Resolved! how to flash spc560b50l5 without pc

 i want to flash program to target board and also debug which is suitable for my part number and also i want to flash program to target board without PC support for industrial purpose(SPC5-UDESTK-EVAL) is this ok for my requirement

MANO by Associate
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Using SPC584B MCU CAN FD and Standard CAN

I am planning to use SPC584B70 MCU.During the review, I have a question in the datasheet.​​In the custom version(6. Ordering information):​0 = 4x std CAND = 4x ISO CAN FDG = 8x std CANH = 8x ISO CAN FDE = 8x std CAN / EthernetM = 8x ISO CAN FD / Ethe...

yjin.1 by Associate II
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Setup eMIOS UC for IPWM

Hello Erwan,thank you very much for the answers and the insight in the other thread.Decided to start another thread, due to different topic here.I tried to at least make the IPWM input work on eMIOS0 Ch 2 and created a little example project with cha...

CSeif.2 by Associate II
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