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SPC58EC-DIS Hardware Check

Hi,I've just gotten a new microcontroller SPC58EC-DIS from elfa. From my past I worked a lot with STM so I wanted to try something new, but this was the first time that I got something like this:Is it normal that the board comes with soldered wire be...

MaraLo by Associate II
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How to debug FreeRTOS network status in SPC5Studio?

Dears,When debugging SPC58N's network function. When I add printf function using RUN IO components.It always crash. I want to ask how to debug freeRTOS TCPIP protocol? which method to check how to get statistics info and etc.Thanks for help.

frankbi by Associate II
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SPC58EC80 CanBus RTR Frame Request

I'm using SPC58 DISP Board for RTR request data frame from a battery pack. I have set the RTR value as 1, but didn't receive any reponse data frame from the battery. I have tested with CAN analyser, reponse data frame is coming(working fine). When I ...

Screenshot 2024-06-19 185331.png

SPC5 STDIO build error

Hello, As shown in figure, I import a samples project, compile failure hint "make: * * * [components/spc560pxx_platform_component_rla/lib/RSC/rules. Mk: 164: elf] Error 1 "How do I solve it,T  

wybll by Associate
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Resolved! I want to test the SPC5-FLASHER program.

I want to test the SPC5-FLASHER program.When installing the program, you must register the serial number.How can I get a serial number assigned?Should I send the saved information by e-mail after recording the serial number request information during...

Mingus by Associate
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Overwriting on chip EEPROM issue

HelloI'm working with spc560p40 and using it's on chip EEPROM. Everything is ok with writing data in any ID, but when I want to overwrite any ID that filled before, the MCU will stop. Its ok for one time writing but for second time writing and more, ...

DNewm.1 by Associate III
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