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Resolved! Question about Writeprotect (WP) for I2C EEPROM, eg M24M01E

For these EEPROMs there is a WP pin, which must be (active) low to enable write operations. I am driving this pin from an MCU, (ie. it is not tied to GND).Also these EEPROMs need some time after a write command to effectively write the data into the ...

Strooom by Associate III
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Resolved! 632565 9303

Trying to find details about this chip. New to this and trying to follow tips to fix a car. This chip i was told was going to be a 93xxx series eeprom but as you can see its not. I cant find anything on it looking up the part number unless im missing...

karl2 by Associate
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Resolved! Top Side part marking for M24C08-FMH6TG

Hi I am looking for the top side park marking of component M24C08-FMH6TG.Is this something I should be able to locate myself? I checked the datasheet and engineering notes for the package type.Thank you so much.-Ben

BFST7676 by Associate II
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How to read and write M24256-DFCS6TP/K EEPROM

Hi, We are using STM M24256-DFCS6TP/K 256-Kbit serial I²C bus EEPROM. We want to read and write the whole memory inside the EEPROM data. Are there any commands available in the u-boot and kernel test? and also if I want to read a particular location ...

EEPRMA2 M95 writedata bug?

Hi,I'm using the latest EEPRMA2 drivers for the M95M04 EEPROM. I'm trying to store data in EEPROM on a specific address.In the following example, I expect one byte to be written to address 5.uint8_t a = 10;uint32_t targetAddr = 5;EEPRMA2_M95_WriteDat...

CBras by Associate
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Save sensor data to csv files - SensorTile.box

Hello, I am working in Python with a sensorTile.box Pro (https://www.st.com/en/evaluation-tools/steval-mkboxpro.html) connected via cable to a laptop and I am logging files in loops of 5 seconds using the below method built from HSDLink. Is there a w...

FraPal by Associate
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PGEEZ1 - Cant write second time

Hi I m using PGEEZ1. Hope you are well. I am going through some irregularities , when i try to read second time it gives me all zeros. Your Assistance will be appreciated!MX_EEPROM_Init();/* USER CODE BEGIN 2 */PGEEZ1_M95P32_WriteEnable(0); printf("\...