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SM6T68CA part Failure

We have purchaed this SM6T68CA and since 10 years we have purchase but this time we got failure in the device. need to know what is the exact issue and why this is getting failed. is it dummy partand if it is dummpy part then how could we identify.  ...

RS485 Communication disturb in run time

In one project we are using ST1480ABDR (Transceiver) and Baud rate is 115200. One master and 19 Slave connected in star topology. Please find attached reference termination resistor on both side, one at master and only one at slave. Run time our comm...

vrajesh by Associate II
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Resolved! 74LCX541/SO

Hello Everyone,I am facing problem in ADC section of  our project schematic. We are using ADS8505 Analog to digital converter as the output of ADC ranges from 0v to 5V and microcontroller which we are using(STM32F413ZGT6) is connected to 3.3 Volts su...

Rushali by Associate III
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Resolved! Diode BEK19A

Good evening, I am not founding data scheet of this diode BEK19A, maybe obsolete. Can some one provide analog datas cheet diode please?

SMusc.1 by Associate III
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Hello!I would like to test it using STEVAL-FKI915V1(S2-LP).-. Setting conditions:1) Frequency used: 924.6MHz2) Channel Bandwidth: 10KHz3) Modulation Mode: CW4) Temperature: 255) Applicable register: see attached file.Questions1. EV BD (STEVAL-FKI915V...

JDSOFU2 by Associate
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Resolved! I/O circuit

Hey there , how can I find info to conect my STM32 with higher voltage devices , for digital inputs and outputs I have 24vcc and analogic inputs and outputs -10 to 10v, I want to conect they safely to not burn my chip.

Chris8 by Associate II
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Resolved! SMD devices

Hello everyones, what are the red marked devices in smd format, diodes maybe? They are grey and yellow. There are no label on them.

SMusc.1 by Associate III
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