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Hello, I would like to knowto know, for the ULN2804A, if the logic gates invert or not.If so, is there an equivalence without inverting gates?

Elias1 by Associate II
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Need clarification on PCN

Will you please confirm on below part numbers that whether there will be any change in electrical parameters of the affected MPN depending on their PCN. For that do we need to verify any electrical parameters again?  Part TypePCN Tracking NoType of C...

Triac BTA41600B

hey guys,I need to buy a new Triac, the old component is BTA41600B, but there are other letters after this specification, for example: BTA41600B 7SABK VU PHL 7S 135.I would like to know about this feature 7SABK VU PHL 7S 135, as these BTA41600B I fou...

mendonca by Associate
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VNF1048F device is in LOCKED state always

Hello Team,I have some problem with unlocking the VNF1048F chip using SPI communication, I have the got the read working but chip is always in LOCKED state and when I try to unlock according the sequence mentioned in datasheet doesn't work.I try to s...

Spice Model required for VIPERGAN50TR

Hi,Greetings,I have been using VIPERGAN50TR part quite some time. Now I want run simulation regarding the same.Kindly help me in finding unencrypted spice model.Thanks and Regards,Utham

UV by Associate
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STHV1600 custom waveform generation

Hi all,I have been testing the STHV1600 evaluation module and want to generate a continuous wave (CW) that would change after some time. Currently, the STSW-IME014 GUI software seems to allow creating multiple CW patterns and assigning them to a spec...

Bartas by Associate
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Configuration of STHV1600

Hello, folks.I'm using the STHV1600 (specifically its evaluation kit board, the STEVAL-IME014V1B) for my thesis on sonothrombolysis. For this ultrasound application, I need multiple time delay configurations for the pulses (approximately 400). The GU...