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Reading STUSB4500 USB PD status via I2C

The USB PD status register is a combination of 4 registers.The question is when read, are they interpreted as big endian or little endian?so 0x91 0x92 0x93 0x940x91 = bit 0-7, or 28 - 31?0x92 bit 8-110x93 ...0x94 ...The manual and programming guide a...

fbrown by Associate
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STUSB4500 damaged during reconnection

Hi,We have a custom implementation based around STM32H7 and STM32F1.The application is powered internally by a rechargable 4s li-ion battery.We use USB-PD to charge the device, and USB 2.0 to communicate with the STM32H7 through an external ULPI-PHY....

LFjær.1 by Associate
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Resolved! STUSB4500 I_SNK_PDO_FLEX

I can’t find a description of this (I_SNK_PDO_FLEX) parameter, what it is for, and what it affects in the decision-making algorithm about the power profile.Thanks.

Stas by Associate
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STEVAL-SPIN3202 not driving custom BLDC motors

I am using STEVAL-SPIN3202 to drive BLDC motors other than specified in the user manual - Bull-Running BR2804-1700 kV, RS Pro 57BL54 and Faulhaber Minimotor 2036U024B. No error messages observed in ST Motor pilot. But motor does not spin.Let me know ...

sskr by Associate
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I am reading this user manual UM2650. It is mentioning STUSB_BLOCKBaseAddress, but what is this STUSB_BLOCKBaseAddress. I do not find any reference to it explaining it.

Peter4 by Associate II
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unintended internal discharge on STUSB4500?

Hi I have a design with the STUSB4500 per the attached schematic snippet and programmed per the attached memory map.  This circuit is on a tiny board inside the plug end of a captured USB cable. The PDO's are programmed to default to 20V @ 3A.The app...

Resolved! STUSB4500 PDO SRC not read

Hi,I have a custom PCB with STUSB4500 as the UCPD controller and STM32H7 as my application processor. Without any I2C communication between stm32h7 and stusb4500 the stusb4500 is able to negotiate a higher voltage from a usbC PD source by matching it...

rd1987 by Associate II
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LED turning red

What do you when your LD1 turns red everytime you plug-in a cable? The name of my board is nucleo-g071rb, I'm using cubeIDE. I am trying to do an STLink upgrade, but it says I'm not connected and should check my cable. LD3 and LD4 turn green, but LD1...

Lello1 by Associate
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STUSB4500, sending command messages to source

HelloI have tried using the send command functionality on the I2C interface of the STUSB4500to issue various command messages to the source,in an attempt to poll information from an attached source.My code uses a slightly modified version of the Send...

C64_II by Associate
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