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ST Link V3 mini with CN4 Force Reset

HelloI am currently working with the ST LINK V3 mini. Unfortunately, the programmer occasionally loses the USB connection and goes into error mode. Only the red LED is still lit on the ST Link V3 mini. I can then no longer establish a connection with...

pelt0s by Associate
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Resolved! M41ST87WMX6TR RTC Vbat Max.

The datasheet states that Vbat max is Vcc. How can this be true if in the case of Vcc absent Vbat will always be greater than Vcc. My assumption is that the author meant that Vbat must not exceed Vcc as specified in the Absolute maximum ratings table...

UB by Associate
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Resolved! What is 211 ST- EZ204 IC ?

Hello every ones; i found this component from ST: 211 ST- EZ204.Is a four pin Integrated circuit. does anyone know what it is? I cant found it data scheet

SMusc.1 by Associate III
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STHV1600 custom waveform generation

Hi all,I have been testing the STHV1600 evaluation module and want to generate a continuous wave (CW) that would change after some time. Currently, the STSW-IME014 GUI software seems to allow creating multiple CW patterns and assigning them to a spec...

Bartas by Associate
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Configuration of STHV1600

Hello, folks.I'm using the STHV1600 (specifically its evaluation kit board, the STEVAL-IME014V1B) for my thesis on sonothrombolysis. For this ultrasound application, I need multiple time delay configurations for the pulses (approximately 400). The GU...

Resolved! WDI not triggering NRST properly for SMT818

Hello,I purchased several of the SMT818 chips and was testing its watchdog timer capabilities for my TI MCU. I started with an input pulse that the MCU sent every 500 ms from a 3.3V GPIO pin into the WDI input. Looking at both this input pulse and th...

hoatsosa_4-1707145931007.png hoatsosa_5-1707145954163.png
hoatsosa by Associate
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Watchdog Timer application

Hello Team,We are considering STM6822SWY6F Watchdog IC for our design.We have query regarding WDI input pulse for time out condition. What is status of Reset pin, if WDI pin is fixed to High or Low voltage level even after 1.6 sec of time out period?...

kadam by Associate II
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