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MB1419 - RC snubber design

Hey everyone!I am trying to understand the snubber design for a 3 phase inverter to reduce ringing. What is the difference between placing the RC snubber:- between each phase output and ground (3x RC snubber)- between drain and source of every mosfet...

jakub1 by Associate
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Inbuild filtering of iNEMO inertial module

Hi, I am using LSM6DSO IMU sensor to track motion and need to know the specifications of the inbuild Low pass filters. Datasheet only shows the block diagram and does not provide any information about filter type, order, frequency response. Could you...

Screenshot 2024-01-18 100714.png
zce by Associate
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EMIF03-SIM02M8 VDD, GND pad connections

Hi, I have two pin connection questions, related to EMIF03-SIM02M8: 1) Are VDD pins 1 & 8 connected internal to the chip or should be connected together externally?2) Pin 9, GND does it have to be connected to system ground, or that's optional?Any la...

AVigh.1 by Associate II
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Hi, I hope you can help me. I'm working with STNRG012 on a power supply. we have already done the prototype, how ever we can make it run due to that STNRG012 needs a programming device (STEVAL-PCC020V2). This device is active but out of stock and I c...


Require spice model of EMIF04-EAR02M8 for simulation. How and where can I get it?

VB by Associate
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Heading integration

Hello everyone!im looking into starting a new project,i want to make a medium sized vehicle that would go out in the wild and photograph wild life from a distanceim looking into several challenges and a solved a few but there are still some complicat...

Resolved! Application Notes on L9781

Hello together,I am looking for some time now fort an Application/Design note/guide for the injection pre-driver L9781 without too much success.Does anybody know if such thing exist? Thanks and I wish you a sunny day!Best regards.