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How to read and write M24256-DFCS6TP/K EEPROM

Hi, We are using STM M24256-DFCS6TP/K 256-Kbit serial I²C bus EEPROM. We want to read and write the whole memory inside the EEPROM data. Are there any commands available in the u-boot and kernel test? and also if I want to read a particular location ...

Resolved! SD Card Alternatives

I'm trying to find an embedded solution to replace an SD Card.Basic non-volatile memory, I2C or SPI read/writes.I spotted ST NVRAM, but can't seem to find much about it - is this a new or discontinued product?Are there any other options that I should...

BenG142 by Associate II
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M24256: Memory addresses I2C

Dear ST-Community,this is my first post, so: Hello!I am currently struggling with a M2425 256kbit Eeprom that i want to address via I2C. I2C-access is working and i can read and write.The part i do not understand is the addresses of the memory. The E...

TWint.2 by Associate
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M24C02-FMH6TG: I2C Adresses in e.g. Linux is not fixed?

Hello Team,we have a board with 5x I2C devices on it. So far it works fine but we have a strange effect.We have 1x M24C02-FMH6TG (0x50 --> fixed??) and 1x M24C64-DFMC6TG (0x54 -> fixed!) from STMAdditionally we have further devices like temperature s...

jRn by Associate II
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Cannot enable write protection on M34E04 EEPROM

Hi,I am using M34E04 I2C EEPROMread and write access works fine but I cannot enable write protection I have verified the WC pin is in the right state (logic 1) but I can still write to the device at this mode Any tip?RegardsAssaf

ADins.1 by Associate
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