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stwlc98 TX mode

What steps are required to set stwlc98 to TX mode?If you set 0x0020 to 01, 0x000E becomes 03.However, AC1 and AC2 do not cause burst oscillation.The Optional (TX mode only) circuit is on the board, and VOUT is connected to 5V.

Hisanori by Associate
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RF2L36075CF2 and other RF transistors models

I want to use unmatched transistors from ST in my projects.But I want to use then in non standard bandSo, are there transistor models avialable - s-parameters or nonliear modelsp.s. I am using AWRDE for simulations

JWizard by Associate
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Technical issues related to RF transistor SD2933

We want to use this transistor to drive piezoelectric ceramics at 900KHz, 1.7MHz, and 3MHz, which requires about 50W of power.I have the following questions and need help:1. Can this transistor be used at a frequency of 900kHz? Can it only be used in...

H_YM by Associate II
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STGAP2SMTR pin configuration regd

We have recently bought the STGAP2SMTR from DIGIKEY. The pictures of the same is attached to this. I am unable to figure out which pin is pin number 1 (there is no DOT in the IC). Please can you look at the pictures and let me know which is the pin n...

Resolved! STM32F401C TIM2 Interrupt

Hello,I try to use a TIM2 Interrupt to toggle a LED. I use a STM32F401C controller.If I toggle the LED inside the while loop with delay, it works fine.   while (1) { HAL_GPIO_TogglePin(GPIOB, GPIO_PIN_15); HAL_Delay(1000); }  But there is...

I'm Facing Some Serious issue on RC522 To STM32

// Waiting to receive data to complete i = 2000; // i according to the clock frequency adjustment, the operator M1 card maximum waiting time 25ms do { // CommIrqReg[7..0] // Set1 TxIRq RxIRq IdleIRq HiAlerIRq LoAlertIRq ErrIRq TimerIRq n = Read_MFR...

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