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Log not stored in STEVAL-MKBOXPRO 's SD card.

Hi team,I used algo builder(Version and tried to store ACC ,Gyro and other sensor values in SD card. I can see the sensor values in User Messages window(Unicleo GUI), but that data not stored in SD card. Kindly help to store the data in S...

Daya by Associate II
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How to get 6DOF from STVAL-MKBOXPRO

Hi all,                               Can we get 6DOF(Acc + Gyro only) quaternion (Game Rotation Vector) data from STVAL-MKBOXPRO?. Is there any example available? kindly share the link.

Daya by Associate II
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Resolved! IMU sensor

Hi all, Is there any difference between LSM6DSV16x and LSM6DSV16xTR except the packaging?Thanks in advance.

Daya by Associate II
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Unit of measure for the MEMS IMP23ABSU microphone

Hello, i have searched for this information, but couldnt find it anywhere. Whats the unit of the measured of the MEMS IMP23ABSU mic? I have used the STEVAL-STWINKT1B with the FP-SNS-DATALOG1 from which i created several .csv files that i now need to ...

TomRett by Associate III
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How to change physical layer of BlueNRG-2?

Hi, We are using STEVAL-STWINKT1B board with a BlueNRG-M2SA BLE module.We want to change the physical layer of the Bluetooth module to utilize bandwidth diversity. But we couldn't figure out how to do this.we have seen "hci_le_set_phy" command in one...

Dogukan by Associate
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PM8805 POE PD not working over negotiation

We have used PM8805 tr POE PD IC. And design is very similar to one of the evolution board. Its not showing any LED for T0, T1, T2. It looks like its just in the negotiation stage. Please check the schematic and advice us to fix this issue. Thanks. P...