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Resolved! Finding a suitable Mosfet

I am working on reparing a battery charger for a campervan and searching for a replacement for Mosfet partnumber h7na80fi.Is there any suitable one?

JErik.1 by Associate II
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M29DW128G60ZA6E: ST or Micron?

Hi Peter ,  Good day ,  Here the part Label is comes with MICRON logo and part markings are belongs to ST micro format . Is it possible ??  Looking forward for your support and advise on this case.  Thank you  Regards  Manoj Balakrishnan. 


Resolved! UAA4003DP Chip Alternative

I am looking for a alternative chip to replace an obsolete part.The part is a ST UAA4003DP This a 16 pin chip used in a DC motor drive to control the motor speed.I can't find any information on this other than the fact that it is obsolete.. I did fin...

tsteg by Associate
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Resolved! Info IC 902I

Hi,I can't find any information about the IC shown in the picture attached. It seems to be a very very old part that is no longer in production and ST support do not have records for anymore.Can you help find a datasheet or an equivalent component?Th...

Resolved! ECOPACK for LK115

Hi. If the device is received with no ECOPACK on packaging, does it mean it is NOT ROHS-compliant?However, datasheet says it is supposed to be in ECOPACK packages.   Is there any other way to confirm if the device is ROHS or NON-ROHS compliant?  

IReye.2 by Associate
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Resolved! diode smd code

Hi everyone,I need help for a smd diode code.E CD C725Is there a datasheet ou other document about? https://drive.google.com/file/d/13dwaZAm-tTzD05-5DyEywvnTxNqFMHIx/view?usp=sharing

Ever76 by Associate
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Triac BTA41600B

hey guys,I need to buy a new Triac, the old component is BTA41600B, but there are other letters after this specification, for example: BTA41600B 7SABK VU PHL 7S 135.I would like to know about this feature 7SABK VU PHL 7S 135, as these BTA41600B I fou...

mendonca by Associate
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