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SPWF01SA how to check internet connectivity

Hi all ,We are using the SPWF01SA module, and it is working perfectly. Firmwre had previously updated someone. But now we must make changes. We want to monitor the internet connection, and we can currently monitor the wifi connection.I am new to the ...

MRedd.3 by Associate II
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SPWF04SA - UART_IRQHandler issue

Hello,I am developing a program with a WiFi socket user interface. I can communicate with the module using the Socket Test App. I give a certain command and my MCU does something. I generally found this to work fine until it came back after running ...

UART0 config problem

Posted on March 17, 2013 at 15:21Dear Colleagues, My initialisation file is attached below. I have configuren 4 timer for PWM  and UART0 for communication. The timers are working fine, but the UART does not give me any interrupt when 8 (or even mor...

istvan by Associate II
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