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Where can I check the result of ai_network_get_error()?

I used ai_network_get_error() and got the following results:-> AI ai_network_run error - type=19 code=23​What does type and code mean here?Where are the documents related to this?I want to find the reason why the ai_network_run() is not working.

Jlee.91 by Associate
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machine learning inputs!!?!

  I wanted to do a project with cube.ai, but as I found out, most projects done with machine learning have multiple input features.As for my project, I have only one feature which is the most prominent featureNow my question is, can I use machine lea...

hkane.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How does the aiValidation in X-CUBE-AI run?

We are running X-CUBE-AI on an stm32F746 eval board (and a number of other stm32 eval boards). We are using version 7.1.0, 7.2.0, and 7.3.0, and using the generated source code for CubeIDE.We then pulse a GPIO whenever ai_mnetwork_run() runs, which w...

MChan.10 by Associate II
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