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Implementing custom post processing for different models

Hi,Is it possible to add the custom post-processing function in the middleware of the object detection application https://github.com/STMicroelectronics/stm32ai-modelzoo/tree/main/stm32ai_application_code/object_detection?Thanks! Reply  

How to implement YOLO on STM32 H7

Hello,I'm sorry that these are in fact many questions but I'm wondering why I can't analyse any of the ONNX models that I've downloaded. I tryied YOLOv8n (12MB), YOLOv6n (18MB), YOLOv5su (36MB), YOLOv4tiny (24MB) and YOLOv2 (62 MB) and none of these ...

CRAHI.1 by Associate
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Problems with Cube AI Project

Hello,I am working on a Human Activity Recognition model with a STMU585CIU6 using Cube AI. In summary, my model takes accelerometer data from my lsm6dsox sensor, and use a frame of 2s of sampling (for ODR 104Hz, it takes 208 samples) as input for the...


Nano Edge AI Studio Validation

 I encountered an issue while using the NanoEdge AI Studio tool for Validation.In step 5, three files need to be uploaded: File Learn, File Regular, and File Abnormal.What data is Flie Name?  


Wearable with LSM6DSMTR

 Could someone provide insights on how to identify the following user actions using a wearable integrated with LSM6DSMTR:Distinguishing between lying down, sitting, and standing.Tracking step count.Detecting if the user is walking on an incline or st...

ahboyboy by Associate
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