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Any example of FIQ implementation under Linux?

I am trying to achieve hard real-time under 100us on the STM32MP157f-eval, specifically, on the Cortex A7 dual core.Note: I specifically target the Cortex A7 cores because the M4 is already taken for other tasks which requires much smaller latency.Wh...

A.M. by Associate III
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Resolved! Actual UART Baudrate is off from what is specified

I am using UART over RS-485 on an STM32MP153AAB3.The communication fails because the actual baudrate is off from the specified baudrate. With a specified baudrate of 9600 Bits/s, I am getting an actual baudrate of 9970 Bits/s, as you can see here (ti...

0693W00000aPNROQA4.png 0693W00000aPNieQAG.png
RPape.1 by Associate II
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Optee PKCS11 TA Performance really bad!

Hello, I use Optee on a stm32mp157f-dk2 board, version is the and the corresponding BSP :optee-os 3.16.0-stm32mpu-boot v2021.10-stm32mpLinux v5.15-stm32mpAll my changes are committed and built using a yocto meta-layer :

AZaki.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to connect adc driver in dts with libiio - stm32mp1

Hi,I try to connect ADC channels with libiio for my custom board based on the stm32mp157caa3. I followed the instructions from the link

MWoło.2 by Senior II
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Resolved! After upgrade to 4.1 (Kirkstone) tf-a boot failure

Hi,​I upgraded the image for our custom board to 4.1 last week. After fixing the sw issuesconcerning the recipe syntax changes i have now problems to boot the new image.​Info: Our board does not use PMIC but static voltage configuration:​/ { model =...

GLaure by Senior
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