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Please show me a working example of setting up the MMU for STM32MP157D-EV1. and where to place the Translation table correctly (for cortex A7)It is assumed that all data and program will be located in DDR memory, without using the OS 
Processor stm32mp157it runs Opencv in baremetal modesingle-tasking environment.when calling a methodvoid UMat::addref(){if( u )CV_XADD(&(u->urefcount), 1);}we get DAbt.The disassembler shows a set of instructions 388 CV_XADD(&(u->urefcount), 1);c013c...
Are you planning to add Bare Metal mode for STM32MP15x to CubeIde?For the STM32MP13x series, it is present.
Hello. We recently purchased a complete set of stm32mp157x-Ev. The documentation shows only the main connectors. Where can I find a complete schematic for both boards?
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