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OTP Bits Cannnot read

Hi All.I use discovery board of STM32MP157F-DK2 .So I want t to try  read OTP Bits via STM32CubeProgrammer , But I find 2 errs.The err things search ST Community, I fund it. Can't read OTP bits on STM32MP157C-DK2 using STM32CubeProgrammer So I Try to...

U-boots hangs when trying to load u-boot environment

I am booting from EMMC with this flash layout./dev/mmcblk1p1 : start= 34, size= 1024, type=8DA63339-0007-60C0-C436-083AC8230908, uuid=077BFE04-5B1A-41F8-8DC2-B47FCC4EA832, name="metadata1"/dev/mmcblk0p2 : start= 1058, size= 1024, type=8DA63339-0007-6...

Can't get mmc2 to see any sd card

I have an stm32mp153aab board with two sd card connections, they are identical except obviously one is connected to sdmmc1 pins and one to sdmmc2 pins.  I have checked schematics and pinmux and everything looks good.  sdmmc1 comes up in both uboot an...

dkal by Associate III
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ADC Pin Setup

I am trying to set up 3 ADC.  I set PA4 to ADC1_INP18, PA5 to ADC2_INP19 and PF11 to ADC1_INP2.  Will this be something that works?  I am monitoring 3 lines (none NEED to be fast).I'm not clear on how to set this up.  I am multiplexing several inputs...

SLetter by Associate III
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Resolved! Boot from SLC NAND flash vs qSPI

Hi,I consider the boot option for our device. Normally we boot from qSPI EEPROM. STM32MP157 has an option to boot from SLC NAND. Does SLC NAND at STM32P157 have advantages in terms of read/write speed over qSPI? Thank you in advance!

mlytvyn by Associate
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STM32MP257F-EV1 availability date

STM32MP257F-EV1 availability date is 2024. Do you have a more precise date for this evaluation card?Thank you in advance for your responses.Best regards  

DRE by Associate
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