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STM32MP157 Slave ADC can not get correct value.

Dear all,I have a question about ADC.When i used adc in dual regular simultaneous mode, master adc can get correct value, but slave adc can not.Does anyone have some idea?These are my ADC 1 and 2 configuration.In my understanding adcData_DMA = ADC_CD...

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OP-TEE error on new v5.0.0 SDK

Hi, i get this error when uboot starts on custom MP153D board: E/TC:0 tzc_it_handler:79 TZC permission failureE/TC:0 dump_fail_filter:420 Permission violation on filter 0E/TC:0 dump_fail_filter:425 Violation @0xdff09000, non-secure privileged write, ...

GCici by Associate II
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Bring up the STM32MP135x - Share Training Course (I)

Take MYIR’s MYD-YF13X and the STM32MP135F-DK as examples to share training course on how to use STM32CubeMX combined with the developer package to implement the booting of the minimal system. Development...

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LZhan.22 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP15 ECO 5.0.0 OPTEE Panic set_clock_then_voltage

On STM32MP1 discrete power.  512MB DDR , TF-A & OPTEE configure in SYSRAME/TC:0 0 Panic at core/arch/arm/plat-stm32mp1/cpu_opp.c:106 <set_clock_then_voltage>Log attached.This message seems to unique for stm32mp1 in OP-TEE  code. no other platform sou...

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We have developed a custom board using STM32MP157AD3 chipset and STPMIC. We did develop a dts using CubeMX and did all the patches as mentioned in Lab documentation. But we came accross 2 errors.

When we use the PMIC values from DK2 example.1 . ERROR:  regul ldo3: max value 750 is invalidWARNING: register_pmic:600 failed to register ldo3PANIC at PC : 0x2fff05cb2 Next we tried setting the ldo3 max, min values to 3V and 1.8V and it was working ...

NP by Associate II
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