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STM32MP151CAA3T length matching

My question is what the recommended values are for STM32MP151CAA3T (see image for Altium xsignals creation for the routing).I am currently doing routing and I could not find all this information in the datasheet. 

Drive DSI data lanes to LP-11

Hello. I need to integrate a TI SN65DSI83 bridge with a DK2 board and one of the requirements of that bridge is to drive the data lanes to LP-11 state. What is the procedure to make that happen? I am assuming I need to make changes to dw-mipi-dsi / d...

EMaes.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP135 PANIC and DDR frequency error

Hello ST community,I am designing a board with STM32MP135 CPU and DDR3L based from STM32MP135F-DK.DDR stress test passed successfully and tf-a files are adjusted to have I2C4 on pins used in my design (SCL on PB13 and SDA on PB7).When I flash board t...

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Vince60 by Associate II
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Enabling the GPU on a DPI panel

Hi, I have a custom board with a parallel RGB display connected to it that works OK when using pixman.If I enable the galcore.ko module, weston fails;  [15:27:38.101] weston 10.0.0 Bug reports to: https://gitlab.freede...

STM32MP153 MCU wakeup MPU via IPCC interrupt

Hi all,   I work on a STM32MP153 device and I used the command echo mem > /sys/power/state to put CPU A7 in Cstop mode, but I still have MCU running.I am wondering if a message via IPCC from MCU to MPU (that is stopped at WFI) can wakeup the A7 CPU.I...

Resolved! Black screen when enabling galcore

Many thanks for your help!I have a custom STM32MP157c boards that works OK when the galcore.ko module is not deployed.When the galcore,ko module is deployed, the screen doesn't show up the usual image and after the boot image has been displayed, it s...

STM32MP157C Custom Board not locking HSE

Hi all,I am designing a custom board using the STM32MP157CAD. But I haven't been able to get a lock on HSE crystal.Still on tf-a, I removed st,bypass to use the internal oscillator, also used the DTS generated by STM32CubeMX, following my PCB design....

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Murata 1DX driver issue

Hello all,We have a custom board with STM32MP157FAC1.Kernel version is 5.10.153.I know that Murata 1DX is used on STM32MP157C-DK2 board and that's why we choose it to use in our product.But in our case, module is waiting in loading state.The command ...

STM32MP157 SPI2 dosent transmit any data

Hello,I've tried sent data using STM32MP157 customer board. SPI2 from M4 side using. So if I use standalone M4 data is transmitted. If I try sent data from M4 while Linux is runnig at A7, CTSIZE and TXTF bits at SR register are set and no any data is...

alex_vm by Associate II
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