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Resolved! How can I change root password of STM32MP1?

Hello Guys.​In the current state, when connecting the LAN cable and attempting to connect to the board's IP by SSH, it has been confirmed that the connection is immediately established.It is thought that anyone can access the board in this state.So I...

SPark.15 by Associate II
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How can I change device tree?

I understand that when I create my own machine, I can create device tree by following 2 method. Method 1) Building device trees by Developer Package (separately from bitbake) This method is described in following Wiki page.

HMasu.1 by Senior
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Hotspot mode problem using hostapd in STM32MP157C-DK2.

Hello Guys.​I am using STM32MP157C-DK2 and st-image-core.​Looking at the st-image-weston and wiki Page, I am configuring the hotspot mode to be available in my image.​First, while looking at the wiki page and st-image-weston, I composed a script that...

SPark.15 by Associate II
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Resolved! Can I use all peripheral in MP1 by only M4 code?

Hi.Can I use all peripheral in MP1 by only M4 code? I couldn't find MP1 HAL Library for USB, Ethernet, SD Memory and etc. For example, How can I use it if I want to use USB data write&read by M4 code?Thank you.Best regards.

Jungho by Associate II
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OpenAMP Linux Side

Hi,iam trying to get an understanding of the OpenAMP Framework and i wanna use it for interprocess communication with the STM32MP1. As my understanding, the OpenAMP Framework could be used from Baremetal/RTOS side and apparently also from Linux Side....

YRink.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Using KSZ8794 with STM32MP151C

Hello,we have a custom board based on STM32MP151C. On our SPI is the Ethernet Switch KSZ8794. How should I proceed to enable the ethernet in the U-Boot? I have already configured the etherne0 node (according to the ST documentation). Should I add the...