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Can not controll GPIO from Kernel Space

Hello i wanted to use the GPIOLib to control my pin manualy. so i added this in my device tree.&usart3 { pinctrl-names = "default", "sleep", "idle"; pinctrl-0 = <&usart3_pins_c>; pinctrl-1 = <&usart3_sleep_pins_c>; pinctrl-2 = <&usart3_idle_pins_c>; ...

SAman.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Error in "Prepare the Linux® kernel source code"

Hello,I tried to apply the step by step "Modify, rebuild and reload the Linux® kernel" form .,_rebuild_and_reload_the...

Increasing code size on M4 coprocessor

Is there a way to increase code size which is used on M4 MCU? I saw some memory regions in device tree, but it is not clear how to do a change. Any info will be appreciated.Best regards,Nenad

NGajic by Associate III
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How to correctly setup PWM output in STM32MP1?

Hi everyone.I'm using a STM32MP151CAC and I have the following DTS:// SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0+ OR BSD-3-Clause) /* * Copyright (C) STMicroelectronics 2018 - All Rights Reserved * Author: Alexandre Torgue <>. */   /...

areify by Associate II
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Secondary SSBL partition on eMMC / trusted mode

We would like to implement a dual partitioning system and I am trying to find out if it is possible to have a secondary SSBL (u-boot) partition in trusted mode (eMMC).I don't see any problems for bootfs, vendorfs, rootfs and userfs. FSBL is already r...

EMaes.1 by Associate II
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