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VirtIO problem on STM32MP157C-DK2

Hi! I am working with stm32mp157c-dk2 and trying to establish communication between m4 and a7 cores. I analyze standard examples for this purpose, namely OpenAMP_TTY_echo. VIRT_UART initialization is presented here for m4 core:  log_info("Virtual UAR...

Ljubica by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP157 input capture gives wrong value

Hello, I've tried measure period of  GPS PPS which is very high accuracy. I'm using TIM5 input capture mode, reset slave mode. The TIM5 CCR1 gives value 208877646 that is wrong because I use high accurate generator for sys clock. The right value is a...

alex_vm by Associate II
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Resolved! vddcore voltage is unstable

Dears,I use STM32MP151FAD3 together with STPMIC1. Nowdays I monitored the voltage of vddcore and found it's not stable shown as below.Mostly it's around 1.2v while sometimes it's up to 1.33v .Referring to documentation, I guess it's casued by dynamic...


Power off without PMIC

Hi, we make custom board base on STM32MP15 and without PMIC and have problem with power off command.Does anyone know any document or hint about this? All research we have found always include PMIC.  

Dat Tran by Senior II
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Resolved! Double partitions to implement A/B update mechanism

Hello, i'm currently working on the stm32mp135f-dk with the kirkstone yocto version for layers provided by st. I'm trying to double all fs partitions (rootfs bootfs and userfs) to implement a software update mechanism with an active set of partitions...

retroll by Associate II
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