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Create Time delay using 555 timer IC

Hi, I have create one adjustable multi vibrator circuit using 555 timer IC my aim is to achieve two things 1.Basically 555 timer IC output is Rectangular wave my aim is achieve ontime of one pulse 0-10us(Micro seconds) time delay 2.Another one is one...

Resolved! DRM is missing STM for DFU

Hi, When I connect a digital radio via the USB cable, Device Manager should show under USB: STM Device in DFU mode. However, it doesn't. Instead, I have an Other Devices: Digital Radio in USB mode, with a yellow triangle with black exclamation point....

Resolved! Help to identify the part

Hi all and good time can U help me please?i'm confused about this part with the (UM smd code),i searched a lot on google and but i found only 2 parts with this smd code... (zener diode and tvs diode) !!my first find --> zener diode Bzx84j-C5V6 SOD-32...

UM2.jpg IMG_20240427_091348.jpg bzx84j-c5v6.png Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 11-17-48 Bourns® Chip Diodes - Bourns-SMAJ15CA-datasheet.pdf.png
mazieis by Associate II
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How to design universal analog input circuit

Hi,I'm designing a PCB that can get 8 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs. But these inputs can be range from 3.3v to 24v. For the digital inputs I have used universal logic shifter method using comparator where I can give any voltage range of digital...

jsw2000 by Associate II
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Resolved! M24C01-R behaviour on power-loss

I'm looking to add a serial EEPROM to a product, and have a somewhat odd situation. The device will loose power spontaneously and often (few times an hour). My question is: What happens if the M24C01-R looses power during a write operation?  I assume...

CptSlow by Associate
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Resolved! Unknown Power Semiconductor GF309VW

Hello community,i have trouble to identify a defect power semiconductor from ST.The package is TO-220 and is marked with "GF309VW" and the ST-Logo. Can anyone identfiy the device?Thanks in advance!

STM6601 one button reset operation

HiI using STM6601, but my device only has only one button. I want to get a reset with a long press, but the datasheet says that the SR input cannot be connected to ground all time.Perhaps there is another way to reset?

LPS22HH single/multiple Read on I3C

since LPS22HH support one byte read or multiple byte read. wonder how LPS22HH handles the last bit on I3Cbecause last bit in Read data is 'T', rather than ACK/NACK from I3C Controller.How does LPS22HH (target) know Controller need single or mulitple ...

wenge by Associate
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