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Need clarification on PCN

Will you please confirm on below part numbers that whether there will be any change in electrical parameters of the affected MPN depending on their PCN. For that do we need to verify any electrical parameters again?  Part TypePCN Tracking NoType of C...

关于射频晶体管 SD2933的相关技术问题


H_YM by Associate
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Reading STUSB4500 USB PD status via I2C

The USB PD status register is a combination of 4 registers.The question is when read, are they interpreted as big endian or little endian?so 0x91 0x92 0x93 0x940x91 = bit 0-7, or 28 - 31?0x92 bit 8-110x93 ...0x94 ...The manual and programming guide a...

fbrown by Associate
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STUSB4500 damaged during reconnection

Hi,We have a custom implementation based around STM32H7 and STM32F1.The application is powered internally by a rechargable 4s li-ion battery.We use USB-PD to charge the device, and USB 2.0 to communicate with the STM32H7 through an external ULPI-PHY....

LFjær.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Question about Writeprotect (WP) for I2C EEPROM, eg M24M01E

For these EEPROMs there is a WP pin, which must be (active) low to enable write operations. I am driving this pin from an MCU, (ie. it is not tied to GND).Also these EEPROMs need some time after a write command to effectively write the data into the ...

Strooom by Associate III
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Resolved! 632565 9303

Trying to find details about this chip. New to this and trying to follow tips to fix a car. This chip i was told was going to be a 93xxx series eeprom but as you can see its not. I cant find anything on it looking up the part number unless im missing...

karl2 by Associate
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Resolved! 74LCX541/SO

Hello Everyone,I am facing problem in ADC section of  our project schematic. We are using ADS8505 Analog to digital converter as the output of ADC ranges from 0v to 5V and microcontroller which we are using(STM32F413ZGT6) is connected to 3.3 Volts su...

Rushali by Associate III
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STGAP2SMTR pin configuration regd

We have recently bought the STGAP2SMTR from DIGIKEY. The pictures of the same is attached to this. I am unable to figure out which pin is pin number 1 (there is no DOT in the IC). Please can you look at the pictures and let me know which is the pin n...

Resolved! Finding a suitable Mosfet

I am working on reparing a battery charger for a campervan and searching for a replacement for Mosfet partnumber h7na80fi.Is there any suitable one?

JErik.1 by Associate II
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