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Is there any example of a CNN used in CubeIDE?

Is there any example of a CNN used in CubeIDE? Let me explain better, among the various video tutorials on the ST website and on youtube the demonstrations end with the loading of the neural network and their validation through the functions made ava...

SSeas by Associate II
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The new STEVAL-STWINKT1B and the Cartesiam partnership

Condition monitoring is a major component of the predictive maintenance systems, allowing production performance improvement, maintenance cost reduction and a drastic decrease of the downtime due to routine maintenance, especially in an Industry 4.0 ...

How to set input data in application template using CubeMx.Ai

In the project, the input data of keras model is a 2-d vector consisted of float x1 and float x2. But in the cubemx.ai generated application template code, the data type is ai_u8 as follows: ai_u8 *in_data = NULL; ai_u8 *out_data = NULL;Then ,I modif...

Swu.4 by Associate II
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Problem with Cube.AI and C++

Hi everyone. I'm writing a machine learning application for a master degree thesis. I would like to work with C++ but, for some reason, when the Cube.AI software pack is included in the project, the compiler doesn't recognize C++ keyword, such as "cl...

CFort.1 by Associate
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Alternatives of INEMO-M1 for autonomous driving application

I am developing an autonomously navigating robot that uses IMU for Localization and Mapping... a typical ML/Self-driving car application. I was looking for IMUs having accelerometer with +-2g sensitivity. The [INEMO-M1](http://www.digikey.in/product-...

PDand.1 by Associate
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X-Cube-AI 5.2.0 ONNX model validation error

Hi, when I was validating an ONNX model on target (STM32F769I-DISCO), I got the following error:-- Running STM32 C-model - done (elapsed time 5.952s) -- Running original model TOOL ERROR: cannot import name 'get_all_providers'What does "running origi...

QLu.2 by Associate
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python code to train the model in the STM32-Cube.AI course?

I was following the ST video course on Cube-AI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oTkHylHssQ&list=PLnMKNibPkDnFiQd11pDFtDL2aqUZHTjto&index=5&t=0sIn this video, Can you share this code if you have it please? I have noe idea how to get the dataset using ...