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Resolved! sampling finder

sampling finder (SF) for imported signal file is greyed out, please advise

ksale.1 by Senior
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Why is oneclass_result always 0(Nanoedge ai studio)

I compiled a 1C library using nanoedge ai studio and verified the sample successfully using the emulator. I also successfully added it to my Keil project, but the result was always 0 when I ran it. My code: Error_code = neai_oneclass(input_user_buffe...

haiyishw by Associate II
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CUBE-MX AI stm32f446 problem compiling

Hi,I've joined introductory imbedded AI course on Udemy, unfortunately it is more than 4 years old using AI pack version 3.4.0 and I cannot get support from the instructor.Please find attached a presentation with screen shots of all steps used to gen...

ksale.1 by Senior
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The inputs for the ML stm32 ai

Hello everyoneI hope someone can help meI have an ML model that consists of 2 inputs as shown in the picture. Is the code for the inputs correct?   float ML_input[WINDOW_SIZE*NUM_POINTS]; float Diff_input[WINDOW_SIZE*NUM_POINTS - NUM_POINTS]; static ...

Aalna.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to use CubeAI generated AI APIs in .c .h files

Hi,thereI'm a new learner and I'm trying to deploy an AI example given by ST official ,I trained the model using example dataset and generated an MDK file.I see there has some APIs for users to create and init neural net work like these:AI_API_ENTRYa...


Code Generator File structure of ver 9.00 AI Package

Hi,I'm following introductory course on Embedded AI, the course used Cube-Mx AI  3.4.0 AI Package, which generated a 'Data Processor .c' file. we need the file to insert user code for our application. But no where in the file structure in the up-to-d...

ksale.1 by Senior
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Resolved! How to use NanoEdgeAI?

Hi all,Based on the tutorials, I am trying to create an AI lib using NanoEdgeAI.The lib seems created successfully, see attachment.But when I add it to the MDK project and compiler it, some errors like below is present:When I remove the libneai.a, th...

Junde by Senior II
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