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Cube.AI: Hard fault in ai_platform_network_process() function

Hello,I want to run my own neural network on a NUCLEO-F722ZE board for classifying audio samples. Since there is an older existing example project by STM (Acoustic Scene Classification) so I kept the whole data structure quite similar to this project...

löns by Associate II
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Resolved! Invalid Initializer error with auto-generated code X-CUBE-AI

Hello!I'm having the exact same issue than the one described here: https://community.st.com/s/question/0D53W00001YbCCCSA3/invalid-initializer-and-initializer-element-is-not-constant-errors-in-stmcubeai?t=1662110397892Wrapping ai_network_params inside...

C. Mart by Associate III
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Resolved! Stwin-BX1 operating temperature and CBM implementation

I'm working on CBM model for predicting maintenance on Motor and trying to analyze the bearing frequencies I have few questions to develop a solution based on STWIn-BX1 1) Mounting of the Board - is it necessary to mount the board on the Motor near t...

memory error related with Cube AI

I came across a weird issue when using cube-x-ai. When function ai_network_run() was called, almost everything except ai_output[] in the RAM become messed up, including global variables, static and extern variables. All the peripherals need to be re-...

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Error while Analysing model.

I am having a terrible time analyzing a model using Cube AI. When I analyze the TFlite model, I get an internal error. When I analyze the same model saved in Keras, I get the error below. However, the model trains and works perfectly for inference in...

Image 08-06-2024 at 11.17 PM.jpg Image 04-06-2024 at 2.35 PM.jpg
Nana by Associate
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Hi. Can I use the FP-AI-VISION1 package with the STM32F746 board? If not, how can I make a computer vision solution with the STM32F746 board?

yass99 by Associate
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Resolved! STWIN export ISM330DHCX_MLC.dat to .csv

Hi, I am loading a .ucf file on the STWIN using the ST BLE Sensor Classic app, and then performing data logging using an SD card. In the resulting SD card files (STWIN_XXXXX) I get some files, including ISM330DHCX_MLC.dat, the outputs/classifications...