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SensorTile - SD card is missing

Hello.I evaluate the SensorTile Kit with the following combinations.Core system STLCS01V1Cradle expansion STLCX01V1​When I connect to the Android app "ST BLE Sensor" and select "AI Data Log" to collect learning data, I get an error saying "SD Card is...

gocchan by Associate III
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Artificial intelligence computing speed is too slow

Dear ST Engineer, Hello, I am doing sound classification (AER-CNN-KERAS) artificial intelligence, hardware STM32H743IIT6 (400M) external extension SDRAM (W9825G6KH-6) This is a 16-bit data width 32M bytes memory rate 100M After downloading the model ...

Fyouj.1 by Associate II
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MLC - Different Features for Different Decision Trees

I want to know if I can use different features for different decision trees. I am using an LSM6DSOX. Since I can configure up to 8 decision trees, can I have each tree use different features, such as tree#1 using mean and variance, while tree#2 using...

DHou.1 by Associate II
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FP-AI-PREDMNT2 Quick Start Guide questions

I am trying to go through the Quick Start Guide and am able to successfully load the FP-AI-PREDMNT2.bin firmware on my STEVAL-STWINKT1B and have the ST BLE sensor app on my iPhone (version 4.14.6). I am able to connect to my board (although my board ...

SRaek.1 by Associate II
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LSTM with CubeAI 6.0

I built the LSTM model using keras 2.3.1 and generated the MDK project with CubeAI 6.0. But the LSTM model cannot be validated and parsed. Do you have any examples of using LSTM? Thank you!

JZhou.6 by Associate II
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Is it possible to create and inject data from my STM32F4 ?

Hello all,Is it possible to create, inject data and perform the inference with just my STM32F4-DISCO without any connection with my PC (of course I must beforhand flash my model into my board). And how would you do it, I tried to integrate the code f...

NBlan.1 by Associate III
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Hard fault interrupt on ai_network_run( ) funtion.

Hi, I created my own model and tried to import it into the STM32L476 MCU.When I execute the ai_network_run( ) function, I got the hard fault interrupt.Here is the function below. ( I refered the code from here :https://wiki.st.com/stm32mcu/wiki/AI:Ho...

SKim.9 by Associate II
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