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EMMC Bootarea selection Debugging

Hi,i implemented our TF-A update by using both bootareas:1) checking EXTCSD for active bank2) flashing opposite bank3) after verification switching EXTCSD (mmc bootpart enable)not failsafe but at least atomic / verified.(btw, i'm missing the feature ...

SimK by Associate II
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Resolved! Failsafe FIP update with PSA_FWU_SUPPORT

Hi,i'm implementing our field-update using the A/B mechanism for FIP image.Would like to use the Update Client described on the page as a template: no idea where to find it. I d...

SimK by Associate II
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STM32MP151CAA and some issue with SECURE-BOOT

Hello everyone!I am trying to bring up a custom board based with a STM32MP151 (C Variant) with OPTEE, TF-A and U-BOOT.So far so good, but when running the FIT Image (Kernel + DTB) it fails finding the boot storage. It looks like the device-tree is no...

Stop mode does not work as expected

Hi! I am using an STM32MP153 and am working on implementing the STOP mode functionality for my application. The MCU shall wake up on a falling edge on pin PI8. The pin PG15 has an interrupt attached to it for another functionality. Before going into ...

tinova-1 by Associate II
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Booting custom STM32MP151fAC1 board

Hi All, I'm trying to boot a custom board using the Starter Package through the STM32CubeProgrammer. I'am flashing the SD Card on the board through the UART interface as USB interface(CN7/USB_OTG) is not provided for the board. During this process I'...

prik_29 by Associate
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I2C4 problems & Imprecise aborts when using PLL3Q

 Hello all,I'm working on a custom board based on a stm32mp157c & stpmic1 (connected on I2C4). We are using secure boot and have configured the I2C4 to work in secured mode. To control the stpmic1 from the unsecure / normal world, we use the scmi-reg...

flhar by Associate
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STM32MP153 - How to drive PWR_ON pin to low

Hi, We would like to drive pin PWR_ON to low for low power mode.First, on MCU, we use HAL library: HAL_PWR_EnterSTANDBYMode(), load to M4 and run it first, so M4 now enter standby mode.Second, on MPU, we set TZEN=0 so non-secure, allow us to modify P...

Dat Tran by Senior II
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Unable to configure OpenOCD for remote debugging.

I am working on a system designed on stm32mp157c mpu. I am trying to setup a remote debugging setup wherein I am running an openocd debugger script on this stm32mp1 mpu. The target I am debugging is an stm32f405 discovery board, which is connected to...

DKapu.2 by Associate
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