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STM32MP1 - Bare metal on A7

Hi,I have a current project using the M7 that I need to port over to the A7. The goal is to be running bare-metal code on the A7, like we are on the M7. Currently, I am following this open source guide to run bare-metal on the A7 and it seems to work...

mkurtz by Associate
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Resolved! Hello. We are trying to reset MCU from within MCU by asserting SYSRESETREQ it in Cortex M4 AIRCR register (by calling NVIC_SystemReset). After that the MCU halts and FW is not running.

If we emulate the MCU watchdog reset on STM32MP1 it works fine. MCU is got restarted and runs after that. SYSRESETREQ assertion (by calling NVIC_SystemReset) works fine with dedicated M4 processor.We wander what can be a problem on STM32MP1 ?

dimax by Senior
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Resolved! gcnano is not install in rootfs

I built the rootfs according to the instructions at, but the userspace program of gcnano is not installed in the rootfs, the / vendor directory is empty. I need to manually install gcnan...

Jzhua by Associate III
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Authentication of the M4 Firmware

Hi There,before I go into detail regarding my question I´d like to give some background infos. I have an application in mind that seems like a perfect fit for the STM32MP1 as it would enable me to merge a device which is currently split onto two sepa...

Android support

Hello,Could you explain the reason why Android is not supported on the STM32MP157C-DK2?I can't find any instructions how to install an Android image on the target? The following example references the coprocessor example for A7 and M4 cores, but miss...