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DAC stops working on M4 side shortly after Linux boots.

This is might save someone the few hours I spent tracking this down. I am wondering if this is a bug. It would seem like a reason that you have m4 sections in the device tree. So linux can be aware not to touch an M4 resource. Linux shuts off the vdd...

BillR by Associate III
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Transfer Data from A7 to M4 faster than from M4 to A7

Hi,i have done some Benchmarktest via Rpmsg and iam getting following results:Maximal datarate sending data from M4 to A7 4.359 MB/s.Maximal datarate sending data from A7 to M4 9.16 MB/s.Now iam not sure why reading from A7 side is so much slower tha...

YRink.1 by Associate II
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OpenAMP_TTY_echo example with stm32mp15xx_sram.icf

I see that the OpenAMP_TTY_echo example uses the stm32mp15xx_retram.icf file in the EWARM. But thereis also an stm32mp15xx_sram.icf file. Can someone please point out the differences between the two ic files and why the OpenAMP example used the retra...

SMang.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! MP1 SPINAND boot needs HSE ?

We use HSE osc instead of xtal as suggested by errata. However to support STANDBY we need to turn it off by GPIO. The idea is to boot from SPINAND on HSI and turn HSE in bootloader.Unfortunately it seems that ROM hangs when HSE is not present:< @ 006...

Connecting microSD and eMMC at same time?

I have an STM32MP157 discovery kit and we are considering using STM32MP157 at my work for a future PCBA we are creating.We would like to connect an external UHS1 microSD slot to the STM32MP157, but for data collection writing at 100 MB/s. We would al...

ANich.1 by Associate
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