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Location of generated dtb file.

Hi,I am trying to develop something around the STM32MP1.For that I have made some changes in the dts file via cubeMx and followed the process of building it given here.What is the location where the dtb file generated ? My arch/arm/boot/dts folder lo...

NPal.2 by Senior
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STM32mp1 pin mux in kernel dts

currently i have a pin <STM32_PINMUX('F', 14, GPIO)> how to mux as a GPIO before using as a gpiolib, export work fine, but i2c4 is not working but i can see GPIO is getting based on sys gpiolib. as before export i see PF14 line is muxed as pin 94 (P...

Ara.1 by Senior
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Developer Package SDK Installation Failure

Hello!I am having an issue installing the developer package SDK where the shell script is not found as well as an 'argument list too long' failure during setup.I am using Ubuntu WSL to execute the script and see the following:Any insight would be gre...

AOrtw.1 by Associate
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Parallel programming STM32MP157F

Hello everyone,I've a question. If I'm not confused, STM32MP157F is dual CA7 core. Now, I'm coding a Linux application which I would like to parallelize. How can I do it? Is there any kind of directives such as OpenMP?Thanks,Oscar

OBaselga by Associate III
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Resolved! GPIO Interrupts on STM32MP1

Hi,I am trying to interface a rotary encoder to A7 on STM32MP1.I was able to get the CubeMx COnfiguration done and got the device tree file generated.Also looked into this document:

NPal.2 by Senior
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Resolved! image download to sdcard with STM32MP157D-EV1

image download to sdcard with STM32MP157D-EV1Uploaded Image to SDCARD using VMWARE. However, it does not boot normally.Below is the log when downloading. lastly, "unable to reconnect" error occurs.------------------------------------------- log start...

HKim.23 by Associate III
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Resolved! About rebuilding the kernel described in the wiki

I'm trying to rebuild the kernel as described on the wiki page. When I run make, the wiki shows unexplained choices that eventually result in an error. Is there a possible problem?(unexpected) following choices appear​Best Regards

0693W00000Bay9dQAB.png 0693W00000Bay9iQAB.png
KNaka.6 by Associate II
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How to enable GIC interrupts in stm32mp157a

We are using Stm32mp157A .We Want to generate Interupts in Core0.For this we are using System timer Generator .We enable STGN and loaded Frequency value(STGN_CNTFID0),STGENC_CNTCV is increamenting . But we are not getting interrupts.We configure GIC ...

srikanth by Associate III
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