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How to solve debugger connection issues

Introduction The debugger is a tool that permit the programmer to monitor and track its code. It is very useful to execute the code step by step and see how it responds, it also helps to indicate the source of an error in case of malfunction.The debu...

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Implementing debug authentication on STM32H5 using CLI tools

Introduction Debug authentication is a critical security feature of the system considering that with a debugger the user can access a large part of the system. To control a reopening of the debug port, the device imposes a debug authentication proto...

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How to program STM32 Option Bytes with the HAL API

Although it is possible to program the option bytes through a debugger with a tool like STM32CubeProgrammer, there are many times where it is necessary or helpful to program the options bytes in the runtime of the application. The STM32 HAL libraries...


How to use SRAM Parity in your application

Many of our microcontrollers provide the option to enable a parity check on SRAM via the option bytes. This feature becomes particularly useful when trying to get your product certified for safety critical applications, as without the parity check it...

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Ethernet not working on STM32H7x3

The Ethernet peripheral on STM32H7x3 is not sending, or receiving data correctly. Or, the IP stack is not able to establish connection to other devices. What could be the problem? In most cases, the problem is related to memory layout and Memory Prot...

Custom external loader "failed to download segment[0]"

Why do I get an "failed to download Segment[0]" error when using a custom external loader in STM32CubeProgrammer version 2.7.0 or higher? The trace shown below is only an example, some values may vary, but the main point is that an error is raised (a...

How to use STM32U5 with FreeRTOS™ in tickless mode

Introduction In this article, we cover the needed steps to use the FreeRTOS™ in tickless mode, specifically entering in STOP2 low-power mode with the STM32U5. In this example, we use the X-CUBE-FREERTOS™ pack with the LPUART and EXTI as the wake up s...

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How to disable Trustzone on STM32U5 Series

The aim of this article is to provide guideline for disabling Trustzone on STM32U5.1. Hardware and software setup Nucleo MB1549-U5A5ZJT6Q1. Hardware and software setupSTM32CubeProgrammer As you can see when connecting your board to STM32CubeProgr...

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